Wool Washing on the Best Andar Scouring Machines


All our Scouring & Dyeing processes are done according to the highest ethical & social standards whilst bearing in mind our corporate & environmental responsibilities. All Dyes and chemicals used the process are REACH Compliant. We treat all effluents in our own Chemical cum Biological Effluent Treatment plant to the highest standards before discharge in our own land procured especially for water discharge with heavy water absorbing plants growing on the land.

Scoured Wool

We employ the best Scouring machine in the world to scour our wools to the highest quality standards. We have a 6 Bowl, 2m wide Andar Scouring machine which is fully controlled by a computerized system. We give below the main highlights of our scouring plant.

- “ANDAR” make, 6 Bowls, 2m Wide Scouring Train of approx. 100m length.
- Fully automatic controls and functioning with “Scourcom” computer control systems
- In-line Deduster for Greasy dusting
- Weight belt for even feeding
- In-Line Conveyor Dryer attached for moisture controlled drying
- Stepped opener duster post scouring
- 25tons Greasy Scouring capacity / day
- Gavazzi make Blending system with 4 bins and 2 emptiers
- Spiked Lattice for homogenous blending
- Possibility to do parallel blending to make large homogenous lots of upto 20tons.
- Several Italian make bailing presses
- Capacity to make bales of about 300Kgs each
- Bale size of 110cms x 100 cms x 80cms
- Can load upto 80 bales per 40ft HQ container
- Total quantity per 40ft HQ container = 24tons

Commission Scouring

Apart from scouring on our account we have huge excess spare capacity to commission scour wools on clients account. We can offer clients a service to store their wools, manually sort the wools, scour, blend and stock dye the wools. We can ship the wools to any part of the world as per client’s instructions. Commission Scouring is always done as per client’s needs utilizing chemicals and auxiliaries as per client regulations. We have a capacity to scour almost 25 tons of Greasy raw wool per day and can effectively give you a good option to scour your wools at our plant.


We have some of the most robust Obermayer atmospheric dyeing vessels for Stock / Fibre dyeing of wool, nylon and acrylic fibres. We have a dyeing capacity of almost 15tons of Wool fibre per day. We offer commission dyeing services to our clients.

Our company’s philosophy and approach has been to conduct business in a responsible and professional manner. We have operated in an economic and sustainable way long before such values became fashionable – water conservation, pollution control and sensible energy use has always been seen by us as good business practice – an approach that is now viewed as essential strategies for reducing environmental impact. We are proud of our track record of environmentally friendly business practices and operate a policy of continual improvement and development.

Highlights of our Dyeing process:
- Complete Italian make ‘LAIP’ dyeing plant
- Stamping vessels to make even cakes for dyeing
- 3 Double + 3 Single Obermeyer vessels for dyeing of wool and its blends
- 1 High pressure dyeing vessel for dyeing fibres under pressure
- 2 smaller vessels of 80Kgs for sample dyeing
- Hydro Extractors
- Conveyor drying for drying the dyed fibres
- Total stock dyeing capacity of 15tons / day
- Full lab for colour matching and shade development
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