Raw White, Natural and Dyed Carpet Yarns

Carpet Yarns

Geetanjali Woollens use the best greasy raw wool which is chosen from the best destination across the globe. This raw wool is scoured on our own scouring lines to carve out the excellent wool to make carpet yarns. We start our focus right from the beginning.

New Virgin Wool Carpet Yarns

We use the best greasy raw wools sourced from the best destinations all over the world which are scoured on our own scouring lines to produce excellent 100% wool or 80/20 wool nylon or polyester carpet yarns. We can guarantee you an excellent quality woollen carpet yarn as we start our yarn manufacturing process right from the wool scouring stage itself and so we can control the quality and inputs of wool. We can produce in excess of 250tons of wool carpet yarns per month. We have some of the best machinery to produce excellent quality wool carpet yarns with computer controlled machines in the main processing departments.

We currently produce a wide range of 100% Wool or 80/20 Wool/Synthetic (Nylon or Polyester) carpet yarns suitable for a wide range of Machine made or hand made carpets. Our yarns are used in producing Axminister, Wilton, Flat woven Rugs, Broad Loom Tufted(both cut and loop), Hand Woven and Hand Knotted Rugs

- State-of-the-art 2m Andar computer controlled greasy wool scouring machine.
- Obermayer stock dyeing vessels to produce good quality evenly dyed yarns.
- Large Italian make blending bins capable of supplying 20ton batch sizes.
- 9 European make carding machines of 2m – 3m working widths
- European make ring frames with large Dia rings for lesser joint yarns
- Karl Mayer automatic jumbo cone winders with splicing for measured length cones and knot free yarns
- Ring twisting
- Assembly winder with measured length winding.
- Volkmann TFO
- Jumbo hank reeling with length measuring device
- Jumbo hank to cone winders with measured length and splicing
- Hank scouring for making oil free yarns and other chemical treatments.
- State-of-the-art ETP plant for environment friendliness
- Full-fledged lab for testing of various parameters
- All our yarns are dry spun with minimum oil content.
- Yarns can be supplied on measured length spliced jumbo cones or measured length hanks as per needs of the client.
- We can supply tape scoured yarns. We can also moth proof the yarns in the tape scour at the demand of the client.
- Count range is from 1nm to 6nm (1000tex to 160tex) in singles.
- We can either supply single yarns or 2ply – 4ply twisted / folded yarns on Volkmann TFO’s.
- All yarns are made as per specifications and needs of the client.
- You are welcome to give us a call to develop your specific yarns.
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