Recycling of Used Clothing

Clips & Fibres

Recycling and Sustainability is the latest buzz word amongst the textile industry today. We have been offering our products made with recycled materials since the last 35 years. We offer Blankets and Yarns that have been made from recycled materials in a sustainable manner.

Clips & Fibres

Every Year we procure more than 6,000 Tons of Used Textiles from Charity organizations all over the world for recycling, which would otherwise have gone to landfills. By recycling these used textiles we save our ever depleting natural resources from further stress. The entire sorting process is then carried out manually through trained labour.

We basically procure used sweaters from all the world and then sort them in the following grades:
  • Acrylic Sweaters
  • Wool Sweaters
  • Cotton Sweaters
After making the basic 3 grades as mentioned above we then further sort each grade for precise colours and after grading colour-wise we then fully clean the material by hand (that is removing all the foreign particles like buttons, zips, labels, linings, different colour seams etc..). All the clips that we make are now ready for pulling / tearing on our or your production lines.

We also have several latest technology pulling facilities of our own, separately for Wool, Acrylic and Cotton and therefore can even pull the acrylic, Cotton and wool clips and provide pulled acrylic or wool or cotton fibre if required.

We have 6 pulling lines totally producing in excess of 6,000 tons of Pulled fibre per annum. This fibre is great for spinning on your carding machines. Our Recycled Fibre is made by reclaiming and blending Old Hosiery Rags, Waste, New Clips etc. The biggest advantage of this Fibre is that the customers can choose their preferred assortment from our shade card and since we dye some of the fibre the customer will get solid and bright shades with our recycled fibre and they can produce good quality yarn to make excellent quality Knitwears, Blankets / Meltons / Blazer / Jacketing Cloth, tweeds etc. using our fibre on their carding machines. All they have to do is open the bales in front of their carding machine and feed the fibre into the machine and they will get lovely yarn at the end. We guarantee Min. 70% Wool in our Wool Fibre Blends and about 70% Acrylic in our Acrylic Fibre.

We are already supplying a lot of our existing customers all over the world with these clips & fibre who are perfectly happy running this fibre on their carding lines.
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