Empowering Women

Rural Employment

Ours is a most labour oriented industry and we have a total of about 1000 workers in all our units from the local nearby villages in the remote parts of Gujarat all of whom belong to the backward areas and out of which nearly 475 are women folk (nearly 50% of women being employed in our organization). The standard of living of these families has also greatly improved after getting employment. Majority of the women working for us are now financially independent and need not depend upon their in-laws or husbands to fund for their basic needs.

The local villagers and tribal also get an opportunity to have a virtuous living by getting employed in various tasks. They are being provided with education and training. They are taught how to use the machineries and use the raw materials. The skilled professionals of our team manage the task of training the local individuals by providing them the appropriate education. They are provided with every materials and amenity so that they bring out the best from their training.

We work according to the strictest social accountability standards whereby we ensure that all workers are paid fair living wages as per the local norms, ensure proper working conditions, health and safety environment for the workers. No child labour is employed at Geetanjali Woollens.

We take pride in helping locals build common facilities in the village such as river banks, wells, ponds, even their village roads and other infrastructural needs.
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